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St.Elizabeth Family Support Services

"Keeping Families Strong"

Special Presentations Sponsored by the Canadian Red Cross

Mental Health Awareness in a Pandemic

"St Elizabeth Family Support Service are going a great job for the poor masses. They are practicing with what the bible says that anybody you have the power to help is your second person take care for such person. And I pray that St Elizabeth Family Support will be going higher in Jesus.  May God bless you all that are in that forum."
Adunni L.

"Hello I would like to say that St Elizabeth is doing an amazing program to support the community during this pandemic. For instance the Zoom meeting we had concerning mental health awareness and how to cope with mental health doing these pandemic. It was very interesting and there was lots of information shared and people turn out well the doctor answered all the questions very well. I like and appreciate what St Elizabeth is doing in our community during this pandemic period and I would like to join the team."
Elizabeth M.

St. Elizabeth Family Support Services (SEFSS)  is a non-profit organization that provides services for individuals and families who are experiencing personal and social problems. Our primary service area is the Jane Street and Sheppard Avenue West area of Downsview in Toronto, Ontario.

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